In 1970, after the structural transformation of agriculture in the country by industry, with the a devastating migration of the South, after the transition to a service economy and the launch of the project "Capital Palermo", it was thought possible to create a Sicilian product that would use our land and help our society to grow out of the Culture of autonomy that still afflicts our country.

    The Jetset s.p.a. has a long tradition both as a Sicilian company specializing in receptive tourism and as a local anchor for China, Tibet, India, Iran, South Africa, Peru, Algeria, Libya, the Mediterranean, Europe.

    We believe that the Euro-Mediterranean partnership in a multipolar reality can be forced to exit from underdevelopment.

    Braudel compares the Mediterranean to a liquid plain, by meansof which Alexandrian culture gave greater possibility of growth to mankind. It was the Mediterranean that said no to barbarism.

    Jetset s.p.a. Chief Executive James Maltese offers all tourism services, a organization of congresses and events, specializes in cultural travel and in publicizing important socio-political and cultural destinations.

    We offer all services from ticketing, guides, sightseeing by coach and sea, routes for agritourism and wine and food.

    Jetset s.p.a. is very committed culturally. It is the publisher of the magazine off CONTINENT SICILY. James Maltese is chairman of the association VIVIPALERMO, struggling to improve the quality of life in Palermo.

    The director of Jetset s.p.a. Mara Fernandez, is a biologist wih a love for South American literature: Allende, Amado, Marquez, Sepulveda. Very professional she knows how to combine rigor with mediterranietà.

    We have correspondents in almost every country in the world with over 35 years of experience and personally monitor the development of tourist facilities in Cuba.

    We assist a consortium of banks at local and international level that incude the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, BNP PARIBAS, the Banca Popolare Italiana to Credito Siciliano.


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