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cradle of the pre-Islamic, Desert, Islamic Civilization

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Trip: (minimum 2 persons)

Arrival at evening. Meeting with the guide. Transfer to the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.

Breakfast. Visit to the city and to the famous archaeological museum of Iranbastan with its precious discoveries of ancient civilizations. Visit to the museum of glasses and to the carpet museum. Transfer to the airport and flight to Shiraz. Arrival and transfer to the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.

Breakfast. In the morning, trip to Persepolis, in-depth visit to the Primavera Palace, built in 518 B.C. during the reign of Dario I, to celebrate all the feasts at the beginning of the year. The huge platform is covered with bas-reliefs portraying all the populations of the Persian Empire. First Dario and then Serse brought their best artisans to Persia to build a palace that had to represent the summa of the architecture and sculpture of the Mesopotamian regions. The visit continues to Naqsh-e Rostam, to the graves of the first Emperors like Dario the great, Serse, Artaserse I and Dario II. Lunch. Return and visit to Shiraz, a town known for its gardens and mild weather. Visit to the graves of the poets, to the Friday Mosque (Atig), Nasirol Molk Mosque (known as the Mosque of the roses), and the Koranic Madrasa of the VI century A.C. Visit to the nomad Bazaar, the old city, and Khan, a nineteenth-century Castle that has been housing first the museum of the city and then a big Bazaar. Late in the afternoon transfer to the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.

Breakfast. Departure by bus. Stop to Pasargade, the first capital city Achemenide with the grave of its legendary founder Ciro the great. Visit to the winged Ciro, to the palace of ceremonies and to the private palace. Break with coffee, sweets, pistachios and dates. Then, visit to Abarkuh, an oasis in the desert with a 5,000 year old cypress and to the mosque of the Selgiughide time, corresponding to the Romanic time.
Arrival at Taft and visit to the Temple of the Sassanide Fire. As described by Marco Polo, we will leave for the ancient Yazd, one of the most important medieval caravan centre, where merchants and travelers found hospitality for centuries. Arrival to the city, where Pasolini shot the movie "Il Fiore di Mille e una Notte". Transfer to the hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

Breakfast. The visit to Yadz continues to the Jame - Mirciakhmag Mosque, that rises in a wonderful medieval square; the old neighborhoods the water-supply Ship with its 6 ventilation towers, the temple of fire. Lunch and leaving for Isfahan. Arrival late in the afternoon at Isfahan. Return to the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.

Full-board. Visit to the most evocative city in the world; to the Armenian neighborhood with its churches and cathedrals; to the bridges Sio se pol and Khajou, famous for their magnificent architecture; to the Friday Mosque. And last, visit to all monuments built up during the reign of Shah Abbass and his successors Safavidi. Lunch and return to the hotel, lat in the afternoon. Dinner and overnight stay.

Breakfast. The visit continues to the marvellous central square and the antique shops of the great Bazaar overlooking that; the Masjed-e Emam and the Masjed-e Sheikh Lotfollah Mosques, considered a masterpiece for their architecture and their Persian Islamic art decoration; the Ali Qapu Palace and the very busy Bazaar. Late in the afternoon, transfer to the airport and departure for Teheran. Arrival and transfer to the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.

Breakfast. In the morning, transfer to the airport and departure for Italy. Our service stops here.
Prices include:
Coach class return flight between Rome and Milan. Accomodation per person in a double room with bath, in a 5 stars hotel in Teheran, Shiraz, Isfahan, and 4 stars hotel in Yazd.
Full board service for the whole journey in Iran, 7 nights in Iran.
Private driver and tourist guide for the whole journey.
Cars, minibuses or private buses and coaches, including fuel, insurance, tolls, for the entire route.
Admittance tickets to museums and to the most important archeological sites.

Not included:
Beverage at meals, laundry service, porter in the airport and hotel, tip to driver and guide, anything not expressly indicated in the program above.

entrance fee: €50.00 per person;
health insurance: €45.00 per person;
visa fee in Italy: €60.00 + operating charges €30.00;
flight Teheran - Teheran: €50.00.

Price per person, in a private car, and with a guide:
minimum 2 persons €1750
           4 persons €1,450.00;
           6 persons €1200;
           8 persons €1115;
10 persons with Midle bus and individual guide €1,150.00.

Travel in a group of minimum 15 persons, with a guide from Italy:
Minimun 16 pax with Midle bus, per person €1010;
minimo 20 pax with Midle bus per person €1000;
da 25 a 30 pax with Busper person €950.

AHotels selected, if available, in Iran:
Teheran Homa or Laleh, 5 stars;
Shiraz Pars or Homa , 5 stars;
Yazd Moshir or Sonati, 4 stars;
Isfahan Abbasi or Kowsar, 5 stars.

Surcharge for Single room for the whole travel: €265,00 per person.

Return flights Rome-Teheran individuals or on groups, will fly with IRAN AIR, only on Wednesday. With ALITALIA, on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday. And with Azerbajan Airlines, via Baku, on Monday and Friday.

Flight from Rome and Milan per person:
Iran Air €600.00;
Alitalia €650.00;
Azerbajan Airlines €500.00;
Airport duties in Italy and Iran are included in the price. They could change according to the dollar and the oil price.
Surcharges for domestic flights to Rome: €150.00 per person and return, with a low cost company. Alitalia, in economic class, €50.00 per person.

SPECIAL NEW YEAR'S DAY TRAVEL TO IRAN with Iran Air, departure from Rome, December 30th to January 6th 2010, minimum 16 persons: €1,600.00 per person, + entrance fee, health insurance, visa, domestic flights (euro €50.00 + €45.00 + €60.00 + €30.00 + €50.00 - Total €1.835.00);
EASTER HOLIDAYS: departure from Rome, March 31st to April, 7th 2010, minimum 16 persons: €1,835.00 per person;
MAY 1st WEEK: departure from Rome, April 28th to May 5th 2010 minimum 16 persons: €1,835.00O.

How to get the visa:
Italian citizens can obtain the visa directly at the airport. They must bring 2 photos, passport valid for 6 months. Moreover, they must pay €80.00 directly at the airport, and get an invitation letter written by our agent in Iran.
All passengers registered in our group travels must provide us with a copy of their passport (the page with the photo) at least 1 month before departure time. They must indicate their father's name and profession. After the Iranian Ministry of Tourism will release the authorization, you will obtain the visa in Italy just with the authorization number

Necessary for the Consulate in Romee:
1 photo, original passport valid for 6 months, father's name, profession etc, visa application form, properly filed
€60.00 per person for the visa: our agency will pay the amount to a bank of the Iranian Consulate + €30.00 for the expenses, at least 10 days are required;
click on to download the form and to get the general information about Iran .


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