Patagonia Shuttle
by Maximo Ghioldi   Download
"A constant anguish tortures me for far away things."
(Herman Melville. Moby Dick)
"A unique trip along the Cordigliera of the Andes to the whale's gulf, to the glaciers of the Austral Patagonia and to the Tierra del fuego."    Foto
Individuals tours all year.

Tours (minimum 6 pass):

Click per ingrandirla "Roads never end in Patagonia, not even in the ocean. There too, before jumping into the water, it turns and becomes a trail that, anyway, takes you to another place. The infinity of those roads astonishes me, at least as much as the presence of the ghosts that are felt everywhere. "
Mempo Giardinelli. From the end of the book in Patagonia.
Click per ingrandirla "Patagonia was there, at last. How many times did I see it in my imagination? How many times did I desire compassionately to visit this lonely desert never stepped upon by men, to rest there far away in its primitive and desolated peace, away from civilization! There it was, completely open before my eyes, that unbroken desert that awakes such bizarre feelings; the ancient house of the giants, whose footsteps on the beach surprised so much Magellan and his men, and generated the name Patagonia. "
William H. Hudson. Idle Days in Patagonia.
Click per ingrandirla "The road straight, grey, dusty, and trafficless. The wind relentless, heading you off. Sometimes you heard a truck, you knew for certain it was a truck, but it was the wind, Or the noise of gears changing down, but that also was the wind. Sometimes the wind sounded like an unloaded truck banging over a bridge. Even if a truck had come up behind you wouldn't have heard it. And even if you'd been downwind, the wind would have drowned the engine."
Bruce Chatwin. In Patagonia.
Click per ingrandirla " ... Sheffields arrived on his white horse. He never mounted a horse of different color. Once to the fence he shouted: "Butch! Sun !", and both men, whose names were don Pedro and don Josè, replied in Spanish. At that time, Sheffields started to laugh so loudly that almost fell off the horse. Then they talked in American. We will never know what they said to each other, but they reached an agreement because the telegrams that Sheffields sent between 1902 and 1905 to the Agency Pinkerton insisted on saying: "Argentine is an immense Country, I am on their tracks".
" ... In 1905, an American traveling with the name of Andrew Duffy reached the house of Cholila. In reality, he was Harvey Logan, one of the founders of the wild bunch. Two years earlier, he had left the jail in Knoxville in Tennessee, as he used to do, with his gun, and had ended his escape leaving four more dead bodies for the dogs. That very same year, Butch Cassidy, Etta Place, Sundance Kid and the newcomer robbed the Banca de Sur in the Province of Santa Cruz. Meanwhile, Sheffields kept writing reports that were never sent to the Agency Pinkerton."
"... Butch and Sundance sold their property of Cholila and traveled further south, toward the extreme limits of the World. They crossed the Magellan's strait and entered the Tierra del Fuego, where they became a legend as two romantic fighters who robbed banks and IRS to support anarchist revolutions."
"... We will never know what the agreements were between Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid, Etta Place and Martin Sheffields in Cholila's hat, it is likely that part of the money from the robberies were needed to keep quite the sceriff, who in 1907 bought more that 125,000 acres in the fertile land near El Maiten, in the province of Chabut"
Luis Sepúlveda. In Patagonia, sulle tracce di Butch Cassidy e Sundance Kid.

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